Canadian Utility Construction

Canadian Utility Construction Corp. (CUC) is a recognized leader as a full service contracting company serving the natural gas industry since 1991. During that time, CUC has added utility locating services, water, telecom, cableTV and electric utility installation to their menu of construction services. CUC now offers a full line of distribution infrastructure services in markets throughout Canada.


Strategic Planning 

White Tiger was retained to facilitate Strategic Planning in support of the identification of need and the consideration of opportunity as this historically successful company transitions to the next evolution of its existence.

Executive Search

White Tiger was retained to find and facilitate the recruitment of a new Area Manager for British Columbia. We were successful in retaining a very capable individual who is now a critical member of the Senior Management Team.

Organizational Excellence

White Tiger was engaged to facilitate an organizational excellence program in support of operational performance, with more formalized management practices and processes. We conducted a program which engaged diverse representation in order to identify specific initiatives for reinvestment.

Executive Development

White Tiger was retained to deliver a development program for personal and professional development to a broad cross section of management. Our focus was on creating a results oriented program which encompassed development of new core competencies, skill sets, effective manangement practices, and new strategic perspectives.

Core Management Training

White Tiger was engaged to deliver a management training program for front line  managers and executives seeking professional development in core management competencies. Our focus was on creating a results oriented program which developed new skill sets, common perspectives and positive business impact.

Tactical Planning

White Tiger was engaged to facilitate and develop a tactical solution response to support new strategic planning initiatives focused on getting the right people and equipment to the right place at the right time. Our focus was on creating a results oriented blueprint which would drive enhanced delivery execution.

Team Building

White Tiger was engaged to mentor a key operations group through a team building process. Our focus was on creating an environment of trust, positive conflict, buy-in, accountability and more strategic focus.